Scratched Glass
Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf, Retconned. 2014 - Present

Mirror Summer 2016

Attic Bed Summer 2015

Scratched Glass: One Four song cassette / digital. Spring 2015

“The music was made via a ’maximal process of time-stretching, sound collage, and reamplification’” … “the results are wildly unpredictable, and at times hint at some of the most exciting monochromatic drone music going.”
Tristan Bath, The Quietus

“Powerful, at times overwhelmingly beautiful movements that absolutely howl. Waves of interlocking static, coiled, constricting the melody. Maybe pulling it under, maybe lifting it up, the miasma of chaos boils just below the surface threatening to overrun the emotive timbres that struggle for air beneath the weight of it all.”
Guide Me Little Tape

“Scratched Glass' expertise in balancing nuanced, subtle passages of sound with aggressive, forceful, foundation rattling moments shines through clearly. Where these two pulled these sounds from may be a mystery, but their ability to shape and mold them into rich, strong pieces of sound art is unquestionable.”
Creaig Dunton, Brainwashed